SMDL members have focused on display devices, nano-scale CMOS technology, SETs(Single Electron Transistors), various memory devices and RF CMOS technology.
  In display area, we continue our research on the field emission display based on the diamond-like carbon tips. As an advanced research area, we commmence works on organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) and develop high-quality OTFTs. At the same time, design of one-chip polymer electro-luminescent display is complete and its silicon implementation is under progress. CMOS image sensors also become a research topic again after quite a long period of time.
  In nano-scale device area, we have an effort to design and fabricate ultra-small scale CMOS, flash memories, and single electron devices. As a unit process for application, we develop a shallow trench isolation, ultra-thin gate dielectric formation, silicide process, and nano-meter size patterning technology. Several novel structures including double-gate MOSFET, UTB MOSFET, and more are proposed and fabricated by the helps of Inter-university Semiconductor Research Center (ISRC). Various types of Silicon-Oxide-Nitride-Oxide-Silicon (SONOS) flash memories are also proposed and characterized vividly. A few single electron transistors on bulk and SOI substrate are sucessfully fabricated and published in the famous journals and international conferences. SET macro-modeling have entered a mature stage and novel MOSFET/SET hybrid circuits are also studied.
  In RF CMOS technology field, we are developing the RF models of various CMOS devices including MOSFETS, inductors, varactors, MIM capacitors and resistors. We are designing and modeling RF MOSFET, Also passive devices including inductors, varactors, MIM capacitors, and resistors are designed and modeled. using the developed RF Models, very high frequency(>40GHZ) CMOS ICs will be developed.

Ongoing Projects

  1. Neuromorphic device
    • Development of neuromorphic device
      • Achievement of reproducibility & durability based on silicon substrate
      • Research on various device structures to implement functionalities of excitatory and inhibitory
      • Research on various gate structures and materials to implement functionalities of short & long term memory
    • Neuromorphic processor and basic circuit
      • Development of high density / low power / high performance neuromorphic processor
      • Research on new circuit based on neuromorphic device and processor


  1. Nano CMOS
    • Sub 10 nm multi-gate MOSFET
      • GAA (Gate-All-Around) MOSFETs
      • arch-gate MOSFETs
      • PVS (Programmable Virtual Source/drain) MOSFETs
    • Post-CMOS devices
      • Band to Band tunneling transistors
    • 1T-DRAM


  1. Nonvolatile memory technology
    • Developmemt & Characterization of 3D stacked NAND Flash Memory
      • Fabrication of CSTAR (Channel STacked ARray) NAND Flash Memory
      • Research on operation schemes about 3D NAND Flash Memory
      • Characterization of traps in 3D stacked NAND Flash Memory
      • Research on 3D stacked NAND Flash Memory reliability
    • Steep Switching Slope device based on 3D stacked NAND Flash Memory
    • Resistive RAM
      • Analysis of resistive switching mechanism
      • Fabrication of nanostructure RRAM cell
      • Design of select devices for high-density cross-point array


  1. Sensor technology
    • Development of neuromorphic device
      • Gas sensor
      • Metal ion sensor
      • Bio sensor


  1. Thin Filim Transistor technology
    • Metal oxide semiconductor thin film transistors
      • Inverted staggered structure TFT
      • Circuit for transient electronics
      • NBTI, PBTI, Thermal effect analysis and 1/f noise
    • Transition metal dichalcogenides FET
      • Inverted staggered structure TFT
      • Passivation process
      • NBTI, PBTI, Thermal effect analysis and 1/f noise


  1. Flexible electronics
    • Transfer printing
      • Nanoscale MOSFETs
      • Logic gates & inverters
      • Nonvolatile memory
      • Transient devices